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Violent protests broke out in Abbotabad, a city of Hazara Division on Monday. The protests have left 9 people dead and 200 hundred injured. The protests turned violent after the police tried to break the anti-Pakhtunkhwa demonstration, which was in defiance with a ban on public gatherings ahead of planned rallies.

The Hazara people are Hindko speaking compared to the majority of Pakhtuns (there are 5 million Hazara people in a population of 21 million in NWFP) residing in the province. They object that the new name of the province reflects only the Pashtu speaking majority of the region. The second reason for their protests is that they want their region to be given a separate status of a province.

Nevertheless, the sentiments of the Hazara people should have been taken into account when the 18th amendment bill was presented into the parliament. No doubt the majority always wins in a democratic government, but the people of Hazara have a right to protest. What they did wrong was to not use the proper channel of communication to get their views to the National Assembly. They should have used their power to object to the provisions of the 18th amendment bill that changes the name of North-West Frontier Province (The name given by the British Colonial rulers) to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, through their parliamentarians elected in their constituencies. That’s how a democratic Government works.


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