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Muhammad bin Qasim defeated Raja Dahir on 10th of Ramadan 711 AD. On 11th of Muharram, after appointing governors in all principal districts of Sindh, he left Brahamanabad and marched Towards Alore (Modern day Arore) where Fofi, son of Raja Dahir, had fortified his position. Muhammad Bin Qasim called his forces to a halt opposite the fort. This is where he built a mosque, known as Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque. The ruins of the mosque still stand on top of a hill in Arore.

Islam came to Pakistan through Sindh. That is why it is known as “The Gateway of Islam”. With time Islam spread from this small region to the whole of South Asia. It was due to Muhammad Bin Qasims’ efforts (by building Mosques and educating people about Islam) that this was possible.

Our physical existence in this world is temporary. After we die we will only be remembered by what we did while we were alive. Muhammad bin Qasim is remembered for bringing Islam into South Asia. This Mosque is evidence to his achievement, and the government of Pakistan needs to recognize it as a historical building and inject funds in reviving it.


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