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My heart cries when I read or see something emotional about Pakistan. Two weeks ago it was a series of images and clips of Pakistan with a national song in the background, now the case is of some articles on the on going ‘Birth Of Pakistan’ exhibition at Mohatta Palace museum Karachi.

It is usually my practice to skim through articles before giving it a full read, and while doing this today I came across few lines which talked about children writing to Mr. Jinnah and thanking him for giving them Pakistan, and also telling him how proud they are of their homeland. This just filled my heart with emotions.

Seeing the new generation being more comprehensive of the ideology of Pakistan is heart warming. These kids and the articles have made me want to experience the exhibition first hand and personally thank CAP (Citizens Archive of Pakistan) for organizing the exhibition.

The exhibition started on 23rd of March (marking the Pakistan Resolution Day) and will continue till 23rd of June. I will be visiting soon and anybody who wants to join in is most welcome.


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