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‘Smoking kills’ but not the die-hard smelly smokers. Who does it kill then? Us, people who even hate the stench of nicotine and tobacco. Every packet of cigarette says ‘smoking is injurious to health’ but why would they listen. If you must have cigarettes then have it. That’s what they think.

There are so many people who fall sick due to passive smoking and many more who feel nauseous due to the smell. Do they care about these things? Given that they do not even care how they smell around friends, why would they care how others would feel. They are even numb to the feelings of people who care about them.

If you want to die, then die alone. Dragging others with you will not do you any good. In the hereafter we won’t even recognize each other. So what’s the use.

Think about the time when you have a lovely wife, a son and a daughter. Would you want them to smoke passively? What will happen to them; when they are still in their primaries and u die due to smoking related diseases. Who will support them, who will encourage and motivate them to try their best, who will get them their first  bike or their first car, who would ease the tension and depression of your wife? Think about it.

It is a humble request to all the habitual and occasional smokers to stop smoking. To the freshmen of the school of smelly smokers DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pick that passport to disaster again.



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